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The Nauset Current

2020-2021 Staff

Simone Messina

Simone Messina is a sixth grader at NRMS.  They like reading mysteries and drawing.  She has two cats, one named Eli, and one named Lola.  Her favorite subject is Social Studies because she likes to learn about the world.  In...

Tallulah Clifford

Tallulah Clifford is in 6th grade at Nauset Middle School. She moved to Cape Cod in 3rd grade, from Crested Butte Colorado. In her free time she enjoys to read (mostly Harry Potter), write, and play soccer as well as many other...

Lucy E. Newman

Lucy Newman is a sixth grader originally from Southern California. She loves reading and writing, especially Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Keeper of the Lost Cities. She's the biggest Potterhead you'll ever meet, and she...

Violet Yingling

Violet Yingling is a sixth grader at Nauset Middle School. Her favorite subject is social studies and she loves to read. Her favorite sports are ice hockey and volleyball. In the summer her favorite place to be is the beach.

Zoe Simmons

Zoe Simmons is a sixth grader at Nauset Middle School. She lives in Harwich. Her favorite subject is ELA. She likes to do art and spend time with her cat Chidi. She plays the guitar and enjoys taking walks and bike rides in nature....

Kolina Winslow

Kolina Winslow has lived on Cape Cod her whole life with her two siblings and both parents. She has three Black and Tan Coon Hounds that make great company while reading a favorite book. She loves cooking and her favorite things...

Brooke Bilowz

Brooke Bilowz moved to Orleans last year from Milton, Ma. Her favorite subject is social studies because she likes learning things about the past. She also enjoys art and writing.

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