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The Nauset Current

2021-2022 Staff

Eva Edwards

Eva Edwards is a sixth grader at Nauset Middle School. She lives in Truro with her sister and three brothers. In her free time she enjoys field hockey, surfing, yoga and spending time with her friends.

Eva Edwards

My name is Eva and I have 4 other siblings and I am from truro.

Jet Reis

Jet Reis is a sixth grade student at Nauset Middle School.

Ciara Hess

Ciara Hess is a 6th grader at NRMS. She lives in Eastham with her parents and dog. She likes to write and draw for The Nauset Current. She loves to read, go to the beach, and draw. Her favorite subject is English. Her favorite...

Genevieve Smith

Genevieve Smith is a seventh grader and aspiring journalist at Nauset Middle School. In their spare time they enjoy reading, writing stories, going to the Chocolate Sparrow with their friends. Genevieve has lived in Orleans their...

Zoe Simmons

Zoe Simmons is a seventh grader at Nauset Middle School. She lives in Harwich. Her favorite subject is Science. She likes to do art and spend time with her cat Chidi. She plays the guitar and enjoys taking walks and bike rides...

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