Spider-man: No Way Home Review


Ciara Hess, Journalist/artist/photographer

A few days ago I watched an amazing movie, Spider-man: No Way Home. If you plan on seeing it, it will only make sense if you have seen the Toby Maguire trilogy, the two Andrew Garfield ones, and the first two Tom Holland ones. In the movie, everyone finds out that Spider-man is Peter Parker, and Peter’s life is thrown into jeopardy. He then goes to Doctor Strange for a spell. But when the spell goes wrong, villains such as Doc Oc and Electro come from other universes. All three spider-mans work together not to destroy the villains, they try to help them.

Its tragic, romantic, and amazing. I would not watch if you are squeamish, hate surprises, and don’t like romance. Sadly, some major characters die, and it has a cliffhanger ending that is going to lead into a new trilogy. (Not made yet)