Murder Most Fowl: Review


Jet Reis and Eva Edwards

    Friday Night Nauset Middle School performed three hilarious plays. Personally, I thought that the first play Murder Most Fowl was outstanding. It started with a country family that consists of a mother, Quinetta, Whitty twin daughters, Isabelle and Masabelle, and a ditsy brother named Philmore, daughter named Lilybelle who is the most successful in her family. Lilybelle wants to become rich and redo their town but to do that she has to marry Reggie who has a lot of money. Lilybelle’s family is having Reggie come over for breakfast and Quinetta, who is Lilybelle’s mom, promises omelets; but all of their 26 chickens are dead! This causes Philmore to angrily call the police to come immediately. Soon after, when Reggie and his family finally get there, there was not even one plate of eggs. Then Reggie finally admits that he stole the chickens because he wanted them alive but he actually ended up eating them.

     I personally enjoyed this fantastic play because of the humorous characters and how the cast brought the play together so well. The cast members should be proud of all the work they did to put together these three unique comedies on a Friday night when everyone can always use a good laugh!

Actor Spotlight

8th grader Ashley Andersen was kind enough to answer some questions following the trio of plays. After interviewing Ashley, I learned that she was inspired to be in the drama club because of her love of acting and her “actor’s energy” as she calls it. She is a huge fan of Sound of Music, Annie, Greatest Showman, and her favorite Hamilton. After falling in love with Hamilton, Ashley decided to write a letter to Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton the Musical fame. She was blown away when she received a letter back from him. His encouraging words pushed her to follow her dreams even more. Ashley’s favorite role so far was the part she played in Murder at Brantley Manor Friday night. In the future, Ashley hopes to pursue voice acting as a career. In the near future, she dreams of playing Miss Hannigan in Annie. So keep your eyes open for Ashley and the rest of the talented drama club cast in the spring musical, Annie!