Pros and cons about hats and hoodies


The petition for hats and hoodies!

Ciara Hess and Eva Edwards


     Ciara Hess- Many students in the NRMS community wonder, “Should we have hats and hoodies? Or not?” Currently the rule is that hoodies should not be worn up. Hats are allowed, generally, except teachers are allowed to use their discretion to forbid hats in their own classrooms. One can see why some students are asking the question. 

     Here are the pros and cons that should help students and teachers alike. The pros of wearing a hat, for students, are that you can easily wear it with an outfit, so it just could be an accessory. Also for teachers, you can’t hide AirPods or an earpiece as easily while wearing a hat. The cons are that sometimes a hat with a big brim can hide your face, or you can hide something under the hat if you pull it over your ears. 

     The pros for hoods are sometimes they can be comforting and helpful because it was scientifically proven that the more comfy you are the better you work. And a hoodie can go with anything really. But the cons are that you can hide your face from teachers. Not to mention you can hide AirPods. 

      The pros for both is that they provide sun protection. One could also say that having a rule for one but not the other makes it more confusing and invites students to question the rule. This has become enough of a quandary that the 6th graders are signing a petition to allow us to wear what we want: either a hat or a hood.

Eva Edwards-

For years wearing either hats and hoods has been prohibited in school. Even today we are not allowed to wear hats and hoods in all classes and situations. In my experience in NRMS’s sixth grade, Equinox team is not allowed to wear hats and hoods but Solstice team is. It really depends on the teacher you have for the year.

There are lots of pros and cons of  not wearing this attire at school. I truly believe that hats are just for fashion and don’t bother anyone unless it’s a top hat or another big headwear. Hats are not usually used to hide things like AirPods or other things people hide in their hoods.

Speaking of hoods, I think that hoods should stay out of classrooms because they are a way to hide AirPods and a way to hide your face so the teachers can’t see you if they are looking for you.

You may disagree with my opinion about hats and hoods but I think that my opinion is a good idea for more consistent rules and hopefully soon we will be able to consistently wear hats throughout the building.