Book Review: Not If I Save You First By Ally Carter


The cover of the book

Zoe Simmons

       Not If I Save You First is an awesome book to read. It is a story about Maddie and Logan. Logan is the president’s son, and Maddie is a secret service agent’s daughter. They were best friend’s when they were 10 and were inseparable. But both of their parent’s job’s have unique consequences. When Logan’s mom almost gets kidnapped and Maddie’s dad get’s shot. Maddie and her dad move to Alaska and live in a cabin. She is the only kid for 20 miles in any direction and she has no friends.A normal kid would have chores like doing laundry, cleaning their room, or doing the dishes, but Maddie’s chores include chopping wood, catching fish, and fixing the roof. Six years later Logan’s parents punish him by sending him to Alaska to stay with Maddie and her dad and Maddie wants to kill Logan.The problem is, Logan has a killer going after him so Maddie can’t kill him yet, she has to save him first.

       I was oddly surprised about how much I liked this book. It has minor violence and can be suspenseful and a bit frightening at times. This book was a page turner and I did not want it to end. There are 293 pages in the book, but it goes by quickly. It is written by Ally Carter who is an amazing author. I definitely suggest this book and you should read it soon!