A School Year Filled With Questions

This year due to Covid-19, school was filled with questions and not many answers. Students were given the choice to go in person on a hybrid model, which eventually became fully in person. They were also given the opportunity to study on a fully remote model throughout the school year. 

Both of these options were tough on the students here at NRMS. Our editorial staff discussed a few pros and cons from the year. 

Some of the pros of remote learning are that students that live farther away don’t have to drive all the way to school, they have greater flexibility and timing for their studies, and they can still play games to interact with classmates. As for cons, it’s harder for new students to make friends, turning on cameras can be embarrassing, and it’s harder to interact with classmates and teachers. 

With this year close to an end, we still don’t know anything about the school years to come based on what might happen with Covid-19. Many students and teachers still have questions like, will we have to wear masks next year? Will the vaccine be required? Will virtual learning still be an option? 

Students have different opinions about this year’s teaching and learning. Some have said they learned more and got hands-on experience, while some say they feel like they learned less and it was harder for them. It wasn’t just hard on students, but also on teachers. Teachers had to adapt to teaching both in person and online. Both students and teachers also had to adapt to wearing masks to school, which is definitely different than past school years. We may have no idea what will come next year, but we do know that no matter what happens next we can be thankful that we are a safe and happy community.