To Vax or Not to Vax?


Brooke Bilowz, Arts Editor

On May 10, 2021 the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration expanded the emergency use authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus disease for 12-15 year olds. Right away these vaccines started to be distributed via CVS, Walgreens, and doctors’ offices. Kids here on Cape Cod started to book their vaccine appointments right away. 

On the other hand, some families have decided not to get the vaccine because they are worried about the chemicals and the unknown side effects. Here is what the CDC says about the risks from the Covid vaccine: “COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. COVID-19 vaccines were evaluated in tens of thousands of participants in clinical trials.” 

The Nauset Current surveyed students about the vaccine. Out of 41 responses, 33 said they have gotten vaccinated and 8 of them said they haven’t and most likely won’t. Regarding why they do not plan to get the vaccination, one student said,“I genuinely don’t know what’s in it and don’t want unknown chemicals in my body.”

Another student said, “I want to get vaccinated but my parents don’t want me to. But I do because I will be working this summer and my boss wants me to have it. Plus I am going to a 3 week camp in Maine. I want to feel a little safer.”

School nurse Mrs. Hartung said about the vaccine, “You are not only protecting yourself and your loved ones from contracting COVID -19 but also helping our community reach levels of herd immunity so that those who are unable to get vaccinated are protected!  As of now we do not see any Con tos getting vaccinated.  Studies, so far, have shown safety in anyone 12+.”

Regarding the topic of requiring vaccines, Mrs. Hartung said that vaccination mandates would come from the state. Since we are a public school we get guidelines from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Mrs. Hartung reported that 55 NRMS students were vaccinated at the high school clinic, but many more were vaccinated at CVS or other clinics.

Everyone has their own opinion on vaccinations and no one’s really wrong when it comes to these opinions because everyone has their own side to the COVID-19 situation.