Staff Picks: Video Games


Apex Legends

Apex Legends, a popular battle royal over two years old, is a fun game that can keep you playing for that win. With so many characters to choose from, there are characters for every play style that you are interested in. The game itself has a lot of lore for each character, which adds more interest to the game. Players can choose different play format options. Whether you are just looking to have fun or if you want to earn rankings and be competitive, you should enjoy Apex Legends. –Josiah Wilson

Call of Duty Black Ops III

Do you like robust military simulations that give you a sense of a stark reality? If that’s a yes, then this game is definitely for you. Call Of Duty Black Ops III started off as one of the most popular games of 2015 but by now, its community has died down. This is solely due to its successors that have been released in the years after its release. This game can be purchased many different ways. The majority of people enjoy playing on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation. 

The Call Of Duty franchise story mode is mostly based on the military and real life events, and it can be classified as a “first person shooter.” This is because the camera is set as if you were looking through the eyes of the video game character, hence why it’s called first person. People who enjoy a thrilling, realistic experience could find this game quite enjoyable, but if you’re someone who’s not too fond of violence and realism, this game might not be for you. What I like about this game is that as soon as you play one match, you get hooked and want to keep playing. I love that this game focuses so much on multiplayer and social connections, especially in quarantine, this is a game to definitely consider.–Alex Johnston

NBA 2k21

The video game NBA 2k has been out since 1999, and from the release of the original NBA 2k to NBA 2k21, the game has improved and changed so much. The game is playable on Xbox PlayStation and PC. There are many different modes to play in 2k21 like Mycareer, Myteam, Mygym, and more, and because of all of the modes there are to play, I will just be going over the Mycareer mode, which is my favorite mode because it is the most fun to play.

In NBA 2k21 Mycareer, you start off by making your build. You can choose the position you play, like point guard, power forward, center, or shooting guard. You can also decide what your Myplayer can master, like shooting or playmaking by choosing a certain pie chart. You can choose your Myplayer’s body type, wingspan, weight, and what hand he can shoot the ball in. There are attributes that you can change, and when you play the game you can get attribute upgrades, which makes your overall score go up. Upgrading your players overall with vc you can earn when playing the game makes your Myplayer perform better in park games in the Neighborhood. Vc is the currency you earn or can buy with money to get things in the game. You can also change your face creation to make it look like you by using a face scan, or you can just edit the face to make it look how you want it to look. 

Also, when playing, you are able to get badges in shooting, playmaking, defense, and finishing to also make your Myplayer perform better. Depending on what pie chart you chose, you can get hall of fame badges in some of the categories. There is also a rep level system in the Neighborhood; when you finish a park game, at the bottom there is a percentage that goes up and every time you reach 100%, you rep up to the next rep level. Every rep level you go up you are able to unlock rewards.

Overall, this game is definitely one of my favorite 2k’s that have been made. Although a lot of people think differently than me, this game is a must get game if you enjoy basketball and being competitive. —Will Johnston

Rocket League

Rocket League is a game that you can play on PlayStation Xbox PC. The game has many different game modes such as hoops, which is basketball and snow day, which is hockey and rumble, which is a game mode with a bunch of different power ups to make it easier to play the game for newer players. Drop shot is usually for more advanced players. You can also play casual, competitive, or some extra game modes like playing in a car trying to hit the ball into the net. 

You can make different car designs and play against or with your friends. I think people would want to play it because it is fun and just a game where you can chill and talk to your friends or listen to music or you can actually try in the game. I like that I have a good time with my friends, and the only thing I dislike about the game is that over the years the community has gotten a little toxic. –Aiden Riggins

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a 30 dollar first person platforming shooter game made by Respawn Entertainment, who are also the creators of Apex Legends. The campaign of Titanfall2 follows Jack Cooper, who is a soldier in the frontier war. After an ambush you have to get to an evac and escape, but after you witness a death of a pilot in front of you he gives you access to be the next pilot to complete the mission.

The online mode is a PVP where you can fight  another team of pilots in fast paced exciting gameplay. Once you have enough points you can call in your titan, which can either fight with you or you can jump in and pilot the giant titan. Although it seems like pilots are defenseless when the other team has a titan, the pilot’s speed and the fact that they can rodeo on top of the titan pulling out its core to do massive damage. Titanfall 2 is a fantastic blend of ideas that works very well with each other and is definitely worth more then the 30 dollars it costs. –Matteo Carswell


Valorant is so addictive that you can’t stop playing once you start! Also, it is a great game for people to feel like they have superpowers and gun skills, with precise gunplay.  The game features 15 agents with unique abilities. You have to plant the “spike” on a specific site and defenders have to hold down the site to stop the spike from getting planted. This game is fun, but at some points it could really stress you out. People play this game to cure boredom and get good at video games that use weapons like the ones featured in this game. People may dislike this game because the communications between their teammates can get very salty and toxic. This game is an 8/10 at some points, but a 2/10 at other points.–Cameron Rosenthal