Streaming Suggestions from our Staff

(photo courtesy Netflix)

(photo courtesy Netflix)

Avatar, the Last Airbender 

The show Avatar the Last Airbender makes you want to watch more and more after each episode. Its three seasons are packed with many new exciting adventures, fights, action, friendships, comedy, and more. It is available to stream on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, ITunes, and Apple TV. You will get attached to all the characters and connect with them. There are many happy, sad, funny, emotional moments, but by the end you feel like you want to watch it again and feel like you’re watching it for the first time.

The plot revolves around four nations: the fire nation, the water tribe, the earth kingdom, and the air nomads. A hundred years of war have waged between the fire nations and the other nations. The Avatar (an Airbender named Aang) and his friends Sokka and Katara travel the world trying to stop the war and make a new era of peace and prosperity. There are lots of adventures, and they go to a new place in every episode. They also meet new friends on the way. There is one problem: Fire Lord Pzai is going to use a comet that will overpower all the fire benders to destroy the world. Aang and his friends have to defeat him before the end of the summer. Do you think they can do it? –Beatrice Calouro             

Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia was just released in February 2021, but it is already a big hit because the characters are so relatable. Each episode is fully entertaining with just the right amount of action. Ginny (Antonia Gentry) is the teenage daughter of Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey), who along with her brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) are trying to restart their life in Wellsbury, Massachusetts after horrific events changed their life. 

Every episode spiked my interest and I wanted to keep watching each episode as it left off with a cliffhanger. With one season out, you should start watching it before more are released. If you love a teenage realistic show with lots of action, Ginny and Georgia is the perfect show to watch. —Kiley Mawn                 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a great show set in the 80s, but it might keep you up at night. This wonderful series was produced and created by the Duffer brothers. The show brings you into a world full of mystery, drama, horror, and the supernatural. Streaming on Netflix, the three seasons of Stranger Things present a storyline filled with monsters, friendship, and romance. Four boys, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), and Will Byers (Noah Schnapp), enjoy playing the game Dungeons and Dragons together. What the friends don’t know is that their game is about to come to life. They eventually find a strange girl with supernatural powers, who will soon try to help them. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat, constantly wondering what will happen next. Episode after episode, you’ll want to watch more! The show has been given many awards for its amazing plot and talented actors. You won’t regret watching this show! —Makenzie Boyle

The 100

Do you think you would know what to do if all of the sudden you had to go somewhere you’ve never been before? Well, Clark Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes and 96 other people had to figure out how to survive the new Earth. The 100 was released back in 2014 by CW. The show makes you think about how lucky we actually are to be able to live in such a beautiful world.

You can watch it on many different streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, ITunes, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu and Amazon Prime. The show sends us back 97 years ago when a nuclear war destroyed civilization; now there’s a spaceship holding the rest of the world’s people and sending 100 ‘prisoners’ back to Earth to see if it is safe to live on. Since the ship’s life support is slowly losing oxygen, they soon find out the once beautiful and peaceful planet isn’t like it used to be. The 100 is an amazing show that keeps you wanting to watch more to see what happens next.–Morgan Philbrick