Summer Camp Preview

Summer Camp Preview

Brewster Day Camp

Brewster Day Camp is a day camp for kids ages 3-16. The prices range between $649- $749 depending on how many weeks campers participate in. At camp, kids swim and do crafts and sports. Campe begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 5:30. You can’t drop in for just a day; you have to commit to a session if you want to go. If you want to have fun and enjoy your summer with friends, Brewster Day Camp is the place for you.–Kiley Mawn and Lula Punch

Camp Burgess

Camp Burgess, in Sandwich Massachusetts, is for kids ages 7-16. Campers can choose a one or two-week session,  and it costs $900 per week. Camp Burgess is a place for social activities, and they encourage you to get to know your bunk/teammates and also the kids in your neighboring bunks. At the opening campfire, campers have a fire altogether, toasting the newcomers and thanking the people who return.  The lake is a popular spot for swimming, giant inflatables, and canoing. The parkour and zipline adventure course test endurance. A former camper said “Camp Burgess is a great place to spend time in the woods.” Camp Burgess is also a great place to meet new people. –Matteo Carswell

A camper enjoys a sunset at Camp Owatonna. (photo courtesy Camp Owatonna)

Camp Owatanna

Camp Owatanna is a sleepaway camp in Harrison, Maine. This camp has so many activities that you can choose from. There are many water activities including swimming, sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and paddle boarding, but the fun does not stop there. Land activities include archery, ropes courses, a climbing wall, woodsman classes (outdoor living skills), drama/musical theater, dance, art (includes pottery) and more. Some extra activities are capture the flag, talent shows, and hiking in the White Mountains. Ages for the camp vary from 6-16 years old, and there are about 80-100 boys and girls that participate each session. The first session starts on June 19 and goes to July 10, and the cost is $2,900. The new camper two week option also starts on June 19 but ends on July 3, and the cost is $2,150. The second session starts on July 11 and ends on August 7, and the cost is $5,780. Finally, for counselors in training (CIT), the session starts June 19 and goes to August 7. This costs about $5,000.

Camp director Mary Rankin said, “Camp is a place where everyone is challenged in new and exciting ways and as a result everyone grows!  Another thing at camp that is something I love, is the “sisterhood” at our camp.  We focus a lot on girls supporting each other and lifting each other up and I love seeing young women learn to do that for each other rather than to be in competition with each other or to be jealous of each other.  We really focus on how to be good, supportive, loving people.” –Beatrice Calouro and Morgan Philbrick

Chatham Yacht Club

The Chatham Yacht Club, located at 325 Fox Hill Road in Chatham, is a day camp where kids can learn to sail and race. Kids are grouped according to three levels, and the higher the levels, the more advanced students. There are races three afternoons a week and on Saturday afternoons. The camp runs from June 28 to August 20, and the cost varies from $120 to $420. 

According to Karen Taylor, staff, the Chatham Yacht Club has “about 100 students who take sailing lessons over the course of the week,” and that “it is fun to make new friends.” She also added that, “sailing is a thinking sport, where being clever helps to sail faster. So it is a lot of fun to use everything you have learned to sail as fast as possible.”–Connor Gibson

Laura Stamm Hockey Camps

The Laura Stamm Hockey Camp is a day camp that lasts 1-2 hours and goes on for 3-5 days. This power skating clinic helps kids improve their speed and mobility when skating. They work on stickhandling with pucks and get taught technique and form. The kids also learn knee bend and body placement, weight shift, and more. The workshops help hockey player “develop a powerful stride, explosive acceleration and backwards speed.” The cost ranges from $250 to $400, and there are no scholarships available. The Laura Stamm hockey clinic has locations worldwide, but the nearest location is in Hyannis. —Alex and Will Johnston

NASA Space Camp

Space Camp, in Huntsville, Alabama, is definitely one for kids with a passion for astronomy. For middle school age students ages 12-14, Space Academy offers many activities such as training like an astronaut on the ⅙ gravity chair, constructing and launching a rocket, learning what it’s like to live onboard the international space station, and many more space-themed activities. To attend this camp, the cost is 1,099 for a five-day session. Sign up early, because this camp sells out. —Makenzie Boyle and Mallory Marshall

Nauset Youth Alliance

Nauset Youth Alliance (NYA) Summer Program 2021 will be open this summer at Stony Brook Elementary School. This camp is for children ages 5-11. This year’s program will run for 8 weeks beginning on Monday, June 28. It will be open every weekday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Children can be enrolled from 1 to 5 days each week. Each day there will be a charge of 45 dollars per child with no scholarships available. Camp Director David Rost said “Nauset Youth Alliance enhances the growth and development of youth and families in our community by nurturing and inspiring our children – creatively, socially, civically, academically – positively guiding today’s youth into tomorrow’s world.” —Abby MacBride and Erin Johngren

  In JT seafoods there are many exciting things you can do there and eat there. They have many different types of ice cream and seafood such as lobster, clam chowder, garden salads, grilled chicken, tuna salad, hamburger, veggie burgers, strawberry ice cream, cake batter, cookie

 Dough, vanilla chocolate, and many more. And if you work there you can scoop ice cream,cook food, and clean. And you can be 14 up to work there but you can only work 35 hours a week while in school and 40 when you’re not. You also get paid about 14 an hour plus tips. 

     If you were going to work at JT you have to deal with rude and mean customers. And a good tolerance for annoying people. But overall it is a great working place with great staff and a good manager. And it seems like a very happy and fun place to work. And it would be a great learning experience for you.And seems really great for a first job.