How To Protect Our Oceans


Zoe Simmons, Reporter

Living on Cape Cod, we are surrounded by the ocean; therefore, it is our responsibility to protect it. This Earth Day, consider some changes that you can make to improve the health of the ocean and all the sea life that depend upon it.

Jeffery Morgan is Executive Director of Ocean Protection Advocacy Kids (OPAK). OPAK offers educational programming to encourage young people to become advocates for the environment.   

Morgan said, “Before we were here the natural world could fix itself, but our inhabitants have altered coastlines, polluted waterways and depleted marine resources.” People continue to add trash, mostly plastic, to the ocean.

Regarding how to address this issue,  Morgan said, “The easiest thing we can all do to protect the ocean is give it the voice it deserves. The ocean cannot speak up for itself. Once we are aware of issues that face our blue planet it is our job to make sure everyone is made aware of them so that we can all do a better job to fix them.” 

Humans rely on the ocean, so if there is no ocean, there is no us.  Morgan quotes the words of his favorite ocean hero, Dr. Sylvia Earle:  “No water, no life. No blue, no green.” 

Ways you can help the ocean:

  • Use less water
  • Use reusable bags at the grocery store
  • Respect habitats when walking on dunes and marshes. 
  • Eat sustainable seafood (a species of fish that will not run out)
  • Skip the straw at restaurants 
  • Pick up your pet’s poop at the beach
  • Go on trash cleanups
  • Buy products locally; shipping through waterways can cause sound pollution, which disturbs the animals  
  • Don’t use chemicals on your lawn 
  • Check out OPAK’s website where you can see how you can help
  • Speak up and speak out; the ocean does not have a voice but we do and we need to use it.

Lastly, we must all remember to have hope and keep doing all we can to help the ocean. Cape Cod is a wonderful place that many people love so, helps sustain it’s beauty by helping the ocean.