Student Council Corner

Welcome to the Student Council Corner


Jack Talbot and Addison Norton, Columnist

Sixth Grade

As the sixth grade student council comes to an end because of going back to school five days a week, the council members had to decide on one last project to do. After a lot of discussion, we have decided to talk to Mr. Kenyoen about  doing a kindness week. During kindness week, the classes who participate will get a prompt each day suggesting one act of kindness to complete. Instructions will be sent via email once the idea has been approved. –Violet Yingling and Kolina Winslow 

Seventh Grade

Hi guys! This is the student council column in the Nauset Current! As you know information is key. That’s my motto here at the Council Corner, and my mission is to keep you guys updated, so you know what is going on with the student council. 

As you guys might all know, we just had an election. Yes, Joe Biden was just elected president, but that is not the election I’m discussing in this issue.

The student council for the seventh grade just had an election using an anonymous name system. In this system, the ballots hid the candidates names and instead showed their morals and their ideas.

So, how do you think this country’s election was held and how they did it? Did you like the idea of mail-in voting? Do you think it was handled well in light of the COVID-19 pandemic? Let me know in the comment section below (please do not disclose your preferred candidate; I do not want people being upset by who preferred one or the other, thanks).

Moving on, we here at the student council decided that we should decorate the halls and change them from season to season. We want to hear your decoration ideas, because some other people in the student council have warned that the halls might look like “the inside of a garbage can.”

Let me know how you feel about livening up our hallways. Do you think it’s a waste of energy and time? Whatever your opinion, I would love to hear it in our comments section. Well that just about wraps it up, I’ll see you next time with our next issue. Till next time friend! –Jack Talbot

Eighth Grade

This week in student council we are joining a meet with the fifth graders of Eastham Elementary School to answer their questions about Nauset Middle School. Last Wednesday, we met with Ms. Deegan’s hybrid class. Some of the questions we answered were “Do you interact with the 7th and 8th graders often?” and “How much time do we have between classes?” and “What sort of clubs and sports are there?” –Addison Norton