Hit the Trails in an ATV for Fast & Furious Fun


(Photo courtesy Mya Alon)

Mya Alon, Reporter

(Photo courtesy Mya Alon)

Four wheeling is a popular sport among Nauset Middle School students, especially now that other sports are cancelled. With lots of trails and beaches, the Cape Cod terrain is perfect for four wheeling, or all terrain ATV. Zachary Morton, ’25, enjoys four wheeling in Maine and in trails behind his house. He says “I like going outside in the wilderness.” Audrey Silva, ’25, also enjoys going four wheeling. She says “I like how fast you can go and the bumps and doing jumps and going into pits.”

The most important first step for people who want to try four wheeling is to rent, borrow, or buy an ATV and a helmet. Make sure that you understand how to operate the ATV by getting lessons from a professional or a friend. When you start four wheeling make sure you always start at a speed you’re comfortable with and only go up to your comfort level and stay at the speed you feel in control and safe. Always know where the brake is in case you need to stop.

There are many spots to ride an ATV, but there are also places in Cape Cod where it’s illegal, so be sure to check. Some of the most popular places to go are Nauset Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore, Art’s Dune Tours, and the Pilgrim Spring Trail. You could even ride in your backyard and make your own trails.